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Life on Mars, the Proof!
by A. Zeltsman

T his site presents a scientific proof of the presence of macroscopic life on Mars. Proof of life on Mars, which meets and surpasses the most rigorous standards for quality of the analysis and of the facts.

I t is shown here conclusively, that the observed images are not compatible with absence of macroscopic life on Mars, since they render probability of the no life hypothesis practically zero.

P roof consists of articles devoted to particular items and observations, accompanied with estimates of the associated probability reduction for no life hypothesis.

T he technique used relies on taking into account possibility of both life and no life interpretation for every object, so that the conclusion does not depend on correctness of specific interpretation.

O bservations:
* Most of the images are stereo anaglyphs, to be viewed with red-cyan 3D glasses

A rticles:
Visual Detection Of Life on Mars
Berries Suggest Life on Mars
Berry Size Distribution Family
Searching for the biological objects on Mars
Discovering Martian Stone Age
Petrified Trees of Mars
Misplaced objects as evidence of life
Background and the Estimate Baseline
Estimating Probability of Life on Mars

T he current score:
No life hypothesis probability reduction coefficient:
  · directly estimated(12) 10^73, as of 12/01/2005
  · projected 10^200, as of 11/11/2005
Baseline probability of life hypothesis:
  · expert estimated 10^-3, as of 11/29/2005
Probability of no life hypothesis:
  · evaluated 10^-15

C onclusions:
Speaking strictly scientifically, to doubt presence of macroscopic life on Mars when the probability of its alternative is proven to be less than 10^-10, is utterly ridiculous. Nonetheless, nobody knows how long it will take for life on Mars to be accepted as the reality, considering the fact that Charles Darwin's On the origin of species by means of natural selection after 150 years is not fully accepted yet, with the intelligent design speculations alive and well.

A cknowledgments:
Some of the images has been discovered and/or created/discussed by the participants of Mars Forums.
The stereo imaging software used is Stereo Photo Maker.
The color interpretation most often used is one by Holger Isenberg.
The author is grateful to Dr. L. N. Irwin and Dr. D. Schulze-Makuch, for tentative estimate of the basic chances of presence, at some point, of macroscopic life on Mars.

S ee also:
MARS GEOlogy, by Aldo Erdic

Launched 11/05/2005, Last updated 05/13/2006
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